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Advanced POS system - cloud synchronized

The system is advanced solution, obtained as fusion of the most advanced desktop and web technologies. It is used for automation and organizing the working process in all kinds od catering-service and trade oriented businesses. The system is a mix of many products, which form one integrity with mutual upgrade and synchronization.


  • Over 150 settings according to the user’s needs
  • Compatible with any kind of hardware
  • Managment approach and control
  • Centralization of the data base gathered from many sale spots
  • Reliability by uploading the data base to a web or PC server
  • Available on local and global level in many languages and configurations
  • Outside access to certain information
  • Detailed insight and control
  • Setting according to your needs
  • Effective resources usage
  • Costs reducing


Server (tool for connecting the data base with the system and process indicator)

Account (smart module for order creating and control, its sending and printing in all forms)

Statistics (detailed statistic control of the overall working, selective data filtrate and export of the gained results.

Clients (creating a client profile with all information about the client)

Admin (modul for administration and system configuration)

Codelist with the products

Creating an employee profile, access level and system control