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Manage your fleet wisely

Increase the effectivity of your fleet by using a smart GPS tracking system. Starting with basic information like where my vehicles are located, how many times this month has gone, navigating them, controlling fuel consumption and getting the most effective reports, keep up with the times. Let time work for you and not against you. Your leisure time depends only on the clever organization of it.

What we offer?

  • Smart GPS Device
  • Smart and precise FUEL CONTROL TEST
  • Web platform available from anywhere
  • IOS and Android application
  • Complete image of the full floor at every moment
  • GPS and DATA coverage (Globally)
  • High level of resources optimization
  • Exchange of efficiency and control
  • Available prices and professional support
  • Free SMS communication through any Android device


Smart Panel for momental fleet status

Easy access to all data

Mapping of addresses and places

Line from point A to point B

Profile and vehicle personalization

Large choice of personalization of parameters

Giving subscribers of selected vehicles